Job Fairs and No Work

Job Fair @ the UAW Hall: In the begging of February I went to a job fair(JF) at a UAW hall in Auburn Hills. It was packed. It was packed all day long. We here in this frozen state of Michigan have been abandoned by almost everyone.  I couldn’t believe all the people who were at this JF. There were all types. I am not sure what I expected. I had a 10 copies of a my resume but these recruiters didn’t seem to want them. I talked to a bunch of companies but no one was standing there handing out employment forms. Most were just trying to see what came.  I was a little disappointed with my efforts too. I looked at WMI & Chrysler tables & all I saw was 50 to 100 people waiting to talk to one or two people. I did find value there. There was a group of HR types reviewing resumes. I had them rip mine apart. They had some good suggestions. I have 30 years of experience in a couple of different fields of employment. They gave me something to walk out with. I may not have found a job but I am upgrading my resume. Where is that new resume? It’s a work in progress. I have my brothers looking at it too. I am surprised how much effort it takes to create a good product.

So why don’t I have a job yet? You know there are a lot of jobs if you want to move. No, wait. If you can move. I have two children still in school. What am I suppose to do with my house. I can’t sell to anybody. Who wants to live Michigan? We have the highest unemployment in the country. GM, Ford, Chrysler are letting everybody go. Obama isn’t hiring anyone. HP is flushing out all the EDS’er. I can’t believe everybody I worked with that are being let go from HP.  There are plenty of jobs in Georgia, North Carolina, any place but Michigan. How are you suppose to leave. I’m not upside-down inmy mortgage.  Do you think you can just walk away?