Long Term Care Options

So here we are at March 21st, 2010, a month after Mom started to aggressively show signs a needing more help and assistance. Mom is “stable” but could not be expected to go it alone, doing everything by herself. She cannot pick up her legs to lie down in bed. Then when in bed she cannot adjust herself to the center of the bed. She might be able to feed herself but she cannot get food prepared or set up to be eaten.   We are doing what we have to do. My sisters, brother, & wife have tried to be there to provide relief in the care-taking activity that has been going on over the past umpteen years. I have really been on the outer limits.(Never was a nurse, never wanted to be a nurse, never wanted to be in medicine). We have hired some women to spend time with Mom. They have been very beneficial but are not trained medical staff and cannot make medical decision. If for some reason one of these women could not be there at the appointed time then we would be scrambling to find someone to be there with Mom. Oakmont’s medical staff is not the ideal solution either. In addition to all that, there are times that we cannot always be with Mom or have someone there with Mom while she is at Oakmont. This is why we have decided to seek out a long-term care (LTC) facility.

My sister and I have been compiling info on multiple LTC facilities to be able to make a “good” decision. We both understand that Mom needs 24 hour care. We have tried to get Mom everything that she desires. We have tried to make this placement a decision that is not made based on the finances alone but takes into consideration the many other factors that drive LTC to be the ultimate choice. There are factors and personal desires/wants that have all been addressed but might seem to have been overlooked.

We have come together to suggest to Mom that she agrees to live in Saginaw at the Cartwright Care Center, run by the VNA; (http://www.covenanthealthcare.com/body_vna.cfm?id=506) .  I have talked with the current Hospice group and they have begun the transfer process. This move will not happen overnight but will be completed soon.

(10 April 2010) We moved Mom at the end of March. We are trying to make everything work. We are find some things are not going as promised. The facility is a “hospice” type and falls outside of licensing guidelines. This shouldn’t be an issue. We need to watch (closely) and see.