Are You Available?

What happened to people asking for permission to control your time. I find that because I am in between jobs or “semi-retired” everyone else expects me to be available at their convience. It become irratating. I had plans for today but last night I get a call & was told he would be at my house at such and such time. Don’t we owe everyone their own time? It use  to be cutomary that we asked if we could stop over or waited till we were invited. Now what ever my plans were I expected to entertain this person. Oh well, maybe I won’t be home.  So when is your home not your castle. I think we need to be open to visitation. At the same time, I think that everyone needs to be sure you are available. Call as soon as you know you want to visit. Be open to being postponed. Find out when you won’t inconvience your host. A lot of times it will be no inconvience but be considerate of your host’s time.