– Treadmill: Run on Treadmill on 07/11/2010 – Treadmill: Run on Treadmill on 07/11/2010.  I get set to workout by watching “the Office” DVD’s, it makes it easier than just looking at the basement walls. I might try doing the “biggest loser” workouts down there too. Might be a problem with the low ceilings though. All the while I am looking at the basement and trying to decide what to do to fix it up and make it more usable. I am the only one who is using the room.  All I see are things that need to be done. So I need to start.

Whats my goal with these workouts. Well I would like to run a 5k this fall. I know I could complete it but I would like to finish in less than 40 minutes. That is more than 6 minutes I need to lose in my time. I dont get to workout with any groups that are available, timing is everything. Joan is working a lot of evenings. There have been some early morning workouts but my AR is miserable in the morning. Then the heat has been very high in the middle of the day. The basement is sort of cool so thats where I workout for now.

Then I wonder if I am trying too much for an AR patient. My elbows and ankles never seem to recover. The rest of me feels fine for now. Then I read about the rest of these runners in their 70’s that are just pushing along. So I won’t be the fastest but I will compete with the clock. Anything under 40 minutes would be my goal.

What happens if I don’t make my goal? I have to think about that too.