no power…fire up the generators

i awake to the sound of thunder, how far off i sit and wonder, start humming a tune from 1968…B Seger

Lightning on the Columbia River

this is very common here in the swamps of michigan. det ed has not learned to put the power lines below ground, oh well. So first we think if it will last more than a day. if it is not at night then one of us runs to town to get some ice. once home with that we decide what can stay in the fridge and what needs to go in the coolers. yes we get more than one bag, many more than 1 bag. does anyone want a klondike bar before they melt. hey all the frozen venison will be spoiled. oh no, there is the lake salmon. get some ice in the freezer.

hopefully we thought ahead and filled the bathtub with water. since we are on a well, which need electricity, we are with out water. did we check to see if we have enough gallon bottles of drinking water? downstairs we have a supply of chlorinated water to help flush the toilets…don't drink it! we have a pool and a hot tub that also holds water for us. some times our neighbors come by to get a bucket or two. when night comes we fall asleep to the peaceful sound of generators at the neighbor's houses. "when are you getting us one of those" is commented, dryly, in the still of the night. "when hell freezes over again" i respond. cause i dont want to have this happen in the winter.

at 1 am, when everyone is fast asleep, all the radios start blasting, the tvs are blaring, all the lights are on though out the house. ah,det edison has power restored. that ice will make great mixed drinks this weekend.

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