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{{Bike Route to Holly High School}}

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Got out right after Aidan called. Was less than an hour and less than 10 miles. Trying build up to 10 mile rides. I probably could have done that today but I would like to keep it down to less than an hour.


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  1. good!! I’ve been wanting to shop for a bike seat for Aidan so the three of us could go for a ride. I think he’d like it – and bonus, he’d be strapped in. He knows how to wiggle out of the stroller and just wants to walk anyhow.


    1. I was thinking about him but the child seat is on Mom’s bike … she’d love to have him there for a ride.


    1. WordPress allows you to auto push your post over to facebook so you dont need to double post. Then the other site MapMyRun will let you share your data to wordpress. So when i post to MapMyRun , I share it to WordPress, which pushes it over to Facebook.

      Site is just about me and things I’ve done or do


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