Left to drifting

Anywhere but no where


Had the night really streaked past? Was this a red dawn. What was that saying? “Red Sky at night sailor delight. Red Sky in the morn sailors take warning.” “How long had I been floating out here?”

My plane had been crippled but glided for miles before I had to ditch in the open seas. What was that noise just before the plane went out of control. I tried to make it toward the coast. I should have arrived there before the problem start. Maybe the compass had been sabotaged. Who was after me and where was I to go. I had so much to finish before I died.

My daughter was still in China. She called and asked me to come quickly. I hired out a jet to Japan but had to fly myself to China. No one would go there now that they had attacked India. The oil fields. Now I remember she said they were siphoning off the rich petroleum leaving China and the US with the low grade gunk.

My first problem was “…where was I floating?…who would find me out here? Was another storm coming?”

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