– Training Log for jjcylk – Training Log for jjcylk. Needed to get out tonight. My legs have been sore since yesterday’s run. This loosened them up and they now feel good. Dont think I’ll run tomorrow though. Maybe another bike workout. My planner says to go 1.5 hours but soccer season is here & I dont know if I have the time. Mike has a recital tomorrow to try out for the Flint Youth Symphony too. Schools back and its busy, busy busy.

This was a new route for me today. It has a few good climbs, especially the 1st one just after the RR tracks going east on rattalee lake rd.  Traffic was fairly light. Davisburg Rd has no room for bikes in that area. I had to take to the dirt in the curves ’cause cars were passing with oncoming traffic. Nobody knows the rules of the road & nobody give a hoot about the other guy. We’re a great Christian nation. I am not innocent. You should here my mind at the Academy in the morning.

Well I glad I got out for a quick half hour. See you tomorrow. Go with JMJ.