Getting by fighting RA

I have not done alot over the past couple of weeks. Joan & I have done some short walks. Maybe 2 – 3 miles at a time. My right knee gets very sore & it takes more than a day or two to quiet down. Then we got a new puppy. It is more than I thought it would be. After have it a month, Storm, is barely house broke. It seems that he makes sudden break improvements. Yesterday he was waiting at the door to go out. I almost didn’t recognize what he wanted. I got him out though. So he is taking time to train.
I hate leaving home when everyone is there. So I try to run or ride when no one else is around. Last Monday MLC had an after school event. So I threw my bike in the truck, putting my helmet on the truck’s tool box. I ran back inside to let the dog out. After he was done I hopped in the truck to go to town to get in an hour ride before I had to pick up MLC. Well I forgot to grab my bike helmet & put it inside the truck. I realized it in town. So no riding. I have spent the last few days retracing my route on Monday afternoon. Helmet is lost.
No more riding till I buy another… $$$$. Where is the budget?