How Desperate Am I?

Getting them to School

Yesterday I start thinking about this question. I really would like to go back to work. We need to money. I have been using the Home Equity loan to provide some short-term liquidity. Then try to pay that off at month end. In September we decided to fore go the “luxury” of a home phone and HD TV service from Comcast. It cut our cable bill by $100/month. That money is going toward propane funds for this winter.
So how desperate am I today? Well MLC’s school is looking for some “parking lot parents”. They are willing to pay $10 per day. It would be about 1 hour every morning. I drive MLC to school every morning. So I’m there anyway. Well I have thought about doing it. Till yesterday. 1st somebody decided that the 25 MPH speed didn’t apply to him & nearly hit my front end as he cut back in front of me to avoid an oncoming vehicle. So that set my mood. Don’t forget MLC is in the backseat reminding me what needs to be done & how the teacher was scaring her with the “spooky” stories. Then we get to the school. The “grandpa” I followed in decided that the parking lines and the kids walking through the parking lot were none of his concerns. Great for child safety. Then we get to the “drop-off lanes.” Now remember “grandpa” from before. He sees a mom has parked her car in the 1st of 4 drop-off lanes, so he pulls in front of me. Then no one is getting out of the car. After a few minutes waiting out pops two little girls. What’s this??? He gets out of the car with some kind of treat & walks away with the car still running. UNBELIEVABLE. Lucky for me MLC was still in the truck else I may have verbally questioned his IQ & heritage. I couldn’t believe it. I backed up & got into the 3rd lane & let MLC out. Nobody cares about the kids. Nobody understands what is a parking lot.
I decided right then & there, I am not that desperate … yet.