I just want it to work and be simple!

My 60th Birthday gift.

iPad Birthday Cake

I didn't think I would want one but I received one for my birthday, in the beginning of November. It was a Pandigital eReader. It definitely had problems. I told my wife I would rather have an iPad. She told me to go and exchange it. With some additional prodding from my two older children I did the exchange. I now own an iPad. Still not sure how I got this. Not sure if I really like it but I wont tell anyone that. It has some nice advantages, I am going to get a keyboard & hope that improves my productivity. An iPad is more than just an eReader, it is the new "tablet".

I think that this format is going to replace laptops and netbooks. They are easier to tote. They store more info than I need. I have a 32 GB iPad. I find it the perfect companion to my desktop device. I don't store any pictures on it; I don't stored any on my iPod either. I have been browsing the App store but I haven't found the writing & spreadsheet software yet. My desktop PC is like an archive center, I have all my music there. It downloads my 20 podcast I listen to. It is a windows system…XP. When it dies I am not sure what I will do.

Right now I have a bunch of PDF files that I want to read. These are financial documents for my IRA account. I have subscribed to a slew of training podcast for professional needs & for personal training. I still have about ten hard copy books to read before I think I will be downloading any books to read on the devices. although I have found some free books to get. These are mostly classics of Poe or Dickens. Things where the copy rights must have expired.

I went with the iPad only because I wanted something that was going to work right away. I didn't want to be fidgeting around and trying to set up some "work around" on these other devices. The android tablet isn't really out yet & I didn't want to be "bleeding edge" in the technology. I just want something that works. The iPad get my approval for that simple fact. My son asked me if I was every sorry that I had an iPod? I knew I wasn't. It was exactly what I want and I had tried 3 other MP3 players before I got the iPod.

So … "Happy Birthday to me."

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