Truth is Blind


Yes, the truth must always be free to be said but you don't need to broadcast the truth. When I was dating my wife, as a teen, I didn't need to tell her if I made it with another girl. I did not have a commitment that would prevent me from dating others.

When I was in the Army we had a guy whose wife had an affair. A self proclaim preacher, just another soldier, told her she had to tell this guy about the affair. He blew up. Yelled & sceamed at her. He then went to a bar to get drunk. ( We used booze to forget our issues & problems.) When he got home the police & MP's were waiting. His wife shot herself but he was a suspect for murder. What a mess. A little less truth would have keep two lives together.

So yes when asked you should always tell the truth but you don't need to give it away if not asked!

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