Reading for Free

Well I’m trying to commit to reading on the iPad. First issue is the “hard copy” books I already have. I need to finish those.
I am trying to get comfortable with this tool. I am using the iPad to write this post. I am using the right index finger & left middle finger. I have the NY Times on the web. What a bias paper. The opinion section is awful, very one-sided. Against the Catholics, gun ownership, and the restrictive parenting. I wonder how many people swallow everything as the truth & reality. (damn i hate how sensitive the keyboard is, i have to keep back spacing to make it look readable) Anyway I need to get some good reading on this piece of tech. The free stuff is way to liberal for my taste. One of the opinion pieces was about teams. The issue ignored by the writer was that a strong leader is needed for every team to be successful. I think Margaret Thatcher said that decision/leadership by consensus is no leadership at all.
I cannot recommend the NYT (yet).

Free Stuff
There is too many free, time-wasting things for the iPad. I love the Sudoku game i got. It make the game too easy. I am able to complete every game. It might take me a bit longer than others. I have learned a few new tips to complete the puzzles at the
Barbershop but i do find myself wasting time doing them while waiting in the parking lot for Margaret.

Thursday; 20 Jan 2011
Tonight I had the biggest problem ever. I was at a Project Management mtg. I used “Notes” to capture some ideas of the speaker. After it was over I was going through & editing my notes. Some how I hit a “select all”. Then I hit another letter…a “u” to be sure. I lost all my notes. There is no “undo”. You can’t do a save. Well I’ll never use that for note taking again.