A Letter to My Great-Great-Grandchildren

Faces Helped By Charity:Water

Hi, i am your Grandfather's Grandpa. At a time when others were willing to kill their children and abandon the needy Baba & I stood up for your right to be. Many people think that you came last. Yes, i do believe in the right to defend yourself, to keep & bear arms but that is just a small side issue to protecting life and the unborn. We hope that you continue to believe in "The Right to Life". There is a Saint from our days name Mother Therese. She was a great advocate for all "Life". She said that when we abandon our babies and our aged, we have given up all hope for all society. My hope is that you are there to read this and stand where we stood many years ago.

Know that we love you and yes we do know you. We pray for you always. We hope to spend eternity with you, praising our Lord God in Heaven.

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