Will Technology Take Your Job? – CNBC

Will Technology Take Your Job? – CNBC.

CNBC has a poll today introduced on air as “Will robots take your job?” but they didn’t define robots. Online they switch robots to technology. The answer is simple. YES!

Sooner or later we will introduced technology to improve our work life. That change is the beginning of the job going to computers.  We are want computers to take over work. Unions believe that they have workers who are better at quality now because they have been trained. That is a false belief. It is the computers, which are able to work with closer tolerances & perfect compliance to mathematical theories and engineering specifications. It has nothing to do with a worker being better trained, unless you say that training is indoctrination to the belief that the computer will never make a mistake and humans are inherently low on the Quality Assurance factor.

We see now where machines are driven millions of miles into outer-space by computers, navigating to within ten 9’s of perfection. Airplanes travel across the world via computerized navigation.   GPS prevents people from becoming lost. Doctor’s perform surgical procedures via computer processing. This message is only available via the internet. Technology is replacing us.

When you can replace cognitive thinking, the ability to plan, process, do and react, every job will be replaced.

Yet there is hope. A computer cannot rationalize and react. A computer cannot generate life. A computer does not have the ability to create a Soul. God has reserved that to always be a function of mankind.