Finishing Projects Started by Others

11 April, 2011:
So, probably more than a year ago I wrote about being volunteered by others or something like that theme. I have inherited a project from my wife, ’cause it sits unfinished in my tool room. My daughter & wife started it last fall. My daughter, who has her own blog Mrs Dietitian. Where among other things she talked about refinishing old furniture. She got the idea from Martha Stewart, (I wonder if she did this in prison?) here is that link to Martha’s handiwork. I watched this instruction & it doesn’t seem so difficult. Well whoever owns it, I will be finishing it. I just need to start to finish it.

So enough of the introduction. Here is the object of this post:


I had already painted them a base coat of white primer.

13 April 2011:
I haven’t done anything on this ’cause I am trying to complete and file our 2010 Income Tax returns.

14 April 2011:
Got the taxes done yesterday. So I painted the second coat. It’s an aviary blue. We painted our kitchen this color 2 years ago.

That job is a topic for a different post. I used one of those sponge rollers. Not a very good tool. it only cost 1 dollar for 3 sponges and a miniature tray. I probably will have a use for that tray in the future though. This will be all I do today. My hands are very sore from RA.

Blue Base Coat

16 April 2011:
It is taking a little longer than planned. (Is that my PMP showing itself again in retirement?) So the single coat of blue paint was very thin and the primer was showing. So I’ve been putting a second coat on the table. Oh, I just remembered I need to take my Humera shot. See you with an update tomorrow.

19 April 2011:
Well that took a couple of days to get back & finish. Yesterday I did most of the “graining”. It took me a few times to get the motion to actually work. I found out that you can’t stop, your hands get sticky, and the graining tool has some spots that don’t really work well. I was leaving streaks were I was pulling off all the paint in strips of 1/4 inch wide or so. So I had to repaint & re-grain an area.


1) If you really want to see the graining effect you need to have “big” contrast of color.
2) I think a second tool for a comb effect is needed. The tool I used had a set of teeth on one side but they didn’t work that well.
3) Don’t be in a rush. Plan your project.