Gardening Disaster

So this year I picked up some supplies to start the seeds inside while it was cold outside. I am still trying to decide if I want to do the “Square Foot Gardening” technique. I have picked out some areas but I might modify this so as to not to have raised beds.

Well 3 weeks ago I planted seeds in a Burpee tray. I kept it in the dark for the first week. The seeds started sprouting right away. 2011’s garden was on the way & it was going to be a success!

The Seedlings for 2011
The Seedlings for 2011

So it now the first week end in May. Peas & Beans should have been in the ground but we had a frost a couple times this week.  I went and bought a Mantis tiller. It works great. I am learning to control it better each time I use it. Biggest issue I have with it is that I need to pull & clean the tines every five to ten minutes because of the long grass. I started some pumpkins, peas, & beans inside too. They seem to be doing ok but they are very stringy.

Seedlings Gone Wild

So its Saturday, May 7th. I wonder If I can do any planting? It is pretty sunny outside & the weather reports are sort of favorable for the next week. I think I’ll go for it. What’s this:

Seedlings are dying!

I have been thinning them out but I don’t think I can save much in this tray. The Tomatoes have really  taken a hit. The system called for watering them when I planting them but the soil has staid moist the whole three weeks. the only thing that appears to be usable are the cuke plants. Everything is so small. I will probably have to start all over. I had some Kohlrabi and Beets but seem to be dead. I know that the spinach & cabbage are history but I have a place for them to plant directly in the ground.


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