Androidraptors attack

Well I went to Sprint & the dirty dogs are changing the discount programs & adding a “Premium” data charge.
From now on my EDS discount will only apply to the base bill & all additional phones & services will not receive the discount.
Then all phone have to pay for the data package even if only one phone is connecting to the network.
Finally for any smart phone, PDA type, Tablet, or Android phone Sprint is putting on an additional charge of $10/month per phone.
So when I do upgrade my monthly phone bill will go from $110/mo to $160/mo and thats with the discount. It would be around 190 w/o any discounts. I don’t know if its worth it.
I might be going to a flip phone, screw the data plan, screw texting.
My 16 yr old might become a hermit if he can’t text. Oh well.

So I went & picked up a Samsung Epic. I got the one with a keyboard (slide out). It was very difficult for my wife. She hated it from the start. Yes we ended up returning them. I am not sure if I regret that move or not.
Basically my wife could not get a handle on the “touch screen” attribute. She was always going somewhere other than she wanted. She couldn’t text message. I was hoping that she would start using the email & the web apps. Unlike the Sprint sales woman’s experience with her mother…”Mom! you are going to learn how to use this!”, my wife was screaming & crying about how complicated I was making her life. So they went back.
For me it was more a poor user experience. First I like to carry the phone in my jeans pocket. That is out of the question. Being semi-retired I am in shorts & a t-shirt with the warm weather. I thought I was going to drop it all the time. It was just a little bit big & clunky for me. The screen was fantastic. I am use to the “touch”/virtual qwerty. I’ve been using an ipad since Thanksgiving 2010.
What’s next? Sprint charged me with a $35 restocking fee on both phones. I have to see if I can get that refunded. It was a direct charge to my Visa. Then my wife wants a new battery for her old LG Rumor II… $37.95. Not happening. This experiment will have cost me over $100 & I’ll still have old phones.

I almost forgot. My 16 is ecstatic with his LG Optimus S. Heck, he has full internet access, all the time. probably better service than we have with Comcast.