If I Could Speak to a Family Member Who Has Passed

Father's Day

Whisky tasting

This is a letter I wrote to my brothers & sisters. Although I talked about a mixed drink, I really am writing about my Dad. Thanks for being a vet, Dad. I did confirm that Dad never wasted a dime on his whiskey. He loved a brew called Corby's. I ended up with a case of it after my wedding. It lasted quite a while. One of my sisters complained about my favorite drink we got when we were sick… "hot water & whiskey". Personally it was my favorite.

…So I think we (retirees) have multiple questions. My current quest is what was Dad's recipe for his Manhatten? I know that it had to have the basics of Sweet Vermouth, now did he use whiskey or bourbon? Did he use "Bitters"? I know that he would throw in a cherry but did he use Grenadine? I can come close to what he would make but it is missing something. I've tried bourbon but I think he was more basic & would use whiskey, maybe Corby's. I don't know if he was bitters person. What is the difference between cherry juice or grenadine?

Damn, so many questions. Why the hell did he have to die ten years ago. He left before I got a chance to ask him so many things. I am happy I remember him. I can't believe its been ten years & I still don't don't know how to make his Manhattan but I remember its taste.

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