3/4 Removed


So I’ve taken down 3/4 of the deck top. Also, I’ve removed the front part of the deck. The joist & stringers were in pretty rough shape. I’ve been stacking the boards up by the garage. I do not think that I’ll be re-using them for this project. Originally I though that I would be able to because they were protected from the sun but 30 years, out in the Michigan weather takes its toll.

I am taking a break today, waiting for the septic cleaners. The tank is full and really needs to be pumped. I don’t think we’ve had it pumped since Andrew graduated in 2005. The temp has dropped back to the 40’s, as witnessed by the steam from the furnace exhaust.

Yesterday I moved & placed all the rocks that I had piled up last year. Actually these rocks have been collected over the past 35 years living here. Every year more pop out of the ground. I have a picture on my cell phone I will try to add later.