Mar 20, 2012: Replacing the Deck on any one of my many Saturdays.


So its survived 32 years. The sun has really taken its toll. The top deck boards are very dry. Some of them look as though they peeling off splinters.It is very hot in the summer time with it open, southern exposure. i am not rushing to this work effort. I have been telling Joan we need to fix & upgrade that deck if we want to sell the house.

Its a very simple design. Basically a 20′ by 20′ deck. I have already removed they southeast corner of decking. I cant believe how a rigged some of the parts. Where I am taking this picture from is on top of the septic field. How could I know I was so close? Actually when I dug the post hole for this corner I hit wet pea pebble. I remember thinking “well at least its not a drain/evaporation pipe”. About 5 years ago I finally added more support with a pier. The post was sinking.

Being very inexperienced at the time, I thought I knew whatever it was you need to know about deck building. I figured you built a 20 ft by 20 ft box. Then you put wood on the top for decking. I bought 8foot length boards & 12 foot  length boards. That’s 20′. What more do you need? Never considered that the two boards might not reach, the lumber guys in town never told me to buy the boards longer & cut them down to fit.

There is no support in each of these quadrants.They deck does bounce a little, (YA THINK!!). Lets hope this new one is better. I have not drawn up any plans yet. I have decided to turn the deck planking 90 degrees but that’s it. I have been thinking of adding shade or maybe a screened porch.I wonder how I can fix that water pipe for the garden?, what’s with the electrical wire?

I think I just filled all my Saturdays.