QVC – Why do you return items to QVC?



My wife saw these neat glass ornaments that could be used for small Christmas gifts for teachers and other friends.  They were to be twenty in a box.  When they came my wife did a quality check right away.  There were only 19 in the box. Then we pulled each out of their individual bag.

Oops, what’s this, at least one was broken:

A couple of others had manufacturing defects. So this product had less than a 89% quality rating. This is normal with our experience. You don’t have that problem when you enter a store to make a purchase because you would request a different set from the sales person. We will be sending this back to QVC. We haven’t decided if we will ask for a replacement set.

So what is this post about? QVC has sent us multiple letters about our returns. They claim that we send too much back to them. I am not sure why this is a big deal when all their TV host claim that you can always send product back, no questions asked. Our last letter implied that we don’t really want what we order. I guess they think that we order just to be able to get something delivered, call their customer service (who are always very gracious), repackage the item, wait in line at the post office (a 10 mile round trip … we live rurally), wait to make sure that we get the correct credit back on our credit card, and then re-order something else. I know that I am semiretired but “pleeease”! They have not cancelled our QVC credit card. Nor have they “black listed” us from ordering but they imply that that might be next. I know that many of their customers must just order stuff to buy it & then store it someplace to be forgotten. We don’t fit that group. Do You? I hear some customer talk about order one of everything that they had sold that hour. Some people must just be very lonely to watch hour after hour of these type of shows. We check them out when channel surfing or between other show. Sometimes we flip on the QVC channel at midnight to see the special of the day & then go back to watching some silly show … most times we just fall to sleep.

So are you an on-line shopper?  Do you return anything? Do you get letters from the vendor like we do?

Take the poll and lets see what the rest of us are doing.