CFFL 2012 : Commish’s Report

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This wont mean much to many. I am the commissioner for a fantasy football league. Here is my weekly report. Maybe someone want to read it?

The new season has started and it looks like the scoring is out of hand still. The Dukes are miserable because the Commish gave in to some pressure from the young bulls in the league. Yet I notice that the ANIMALS are a team to contend. The LANDSHARKS have played the weakest scoring team to this point and then there is the PIGSKIN ASSASSINS. All three of these teams are 2-0. The scheduling GODS have been kindd to me this year since I only have 4 games against them, one played on the first week. We also have 3 teams that are 0-2 but I only play then once each. We round up the league with 6 teams that are 1-1. So right now even though the scoring apears to be going to a higher rate than in the past we appear to be balanced somehow.

This is the 3rd year for our three division set-up. Keepers don’t seem to make a big impact nor does the spot where you draft from. Ok so it is only week two but I really hate keepers. Antonio Gates is probably going to be a bust again this year. I should blame Norv Turner, (Who misspells that? What is it short for? Is it his mother maiden name or something?) anyway I think Norv rates right up there with Matt Millen. he stinks as a coach but the good ol boy network keeps him employed. If you try to find his college career, look at the bench. He was second to Dan Fouts. Oh well.

Hey I almost forgot. There is football tonight. There will be a game every Thursday through week 15. I think you need cable to see them. I just checked it Duke, there are no Loins games on Thursday night, Whew!

Okay, lets see how the next couple of week break up the league. In the past the top teams only won 7 or 8 games. They must have won some import inter divisional games because it appears that some teams with better records end up in lower places.

If you have any comments send them by us postal service. I wont read them anyway.