That is a question. A tough question. I don't read newspapers very much, a passing headlines while in line at the grocery store maybe. Even that is a local paper, whose news is more about road repair than anything national. I occupy my retired hours listening to podcast, about topics that interest me. I might buy a magazine but then its golf digest or fantasy footfall information.

I do receive a couple subscriptions, Columbia: the Knight of Columbus news; American Hunter: NRA news; The Scouter: BSA magazine: AYSO's soccer magazine, but those will sit around for months…waiting for a rainy day to be read.

I do try to read my RSS feeds; I have a gardening feed, two financial feeds, another version of the local newspaper feed, a couple of blogs, and an iPad news feed.

The most TV I watch for news is financial based, two 60 second spots with Jim Cramer in the morning & then his evening show, Mad Money. I usually watch the 11 PM repeat of the show. I might pick up minutes here and there during the day.

When I get in my truck, F-150, I am listening to podcast. They probably form most of my new information. A lot of editorials on economics, guns, HDTV, linux, computer repair, running, and always prayer. If steve Jobs hadn't perfected the iPod & iTunes, i would have a lot of time on my hands.

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