CFFL Week Nine

Well my six week run is now done by a great game set by the Duke. Too bad I didn’t keep Alex Smith he might have put me over the edge. The I pick up Brandan whatever his last name is & he puts up 2.5 points what a jerk. OActuaslly he never had a chance since he obviously wasn’t in the game plan. I used that “Bloomberg” thingy & it told me to pick up Crabtree but do I ever listen to reasonalble advice .. never! So I lost.
I made a post earlier tonight & I still stand by it, we should never keep TE. Maybe I should make that a rule. Then the next thing is that Norv Turner should get his name corrected.
So we now have 4 teams with 5 losses & 4 more on the brink. I think this year we are all weak. We will have a team with 5 or more losses in the playoffs.
See you next week>