Hard to believe but the cat is gone. This picture is about a year old. This summer she stopped eating. After a bunch a vet visits we knew she was going to be struggling. At first we thought she was pulling through but the pain in her jaw was pretty bad. She would eat a very little every so often. Then she would eat everything in sight. Her coat was pretty dull, her hair was falling out in clumps. She never socialized with the family much at all, just sleeping on the heat vent or staying in the basement, on a seat cushion. I was really torn as what to do. The vet wasn’t sure if surgery would even help & was concerned because of the lack a strength of a cats jaw bone. I finally put her to rest Monday. This is the second animal I had to put down. It never gets easier. I always think I hear her prowling around the house. The dog must miss her. They were always together playing or fighting.