2014-10-31 22.12.09Just as I started writing this, I got a Face Time call from my daughter. There was my two grandsons, down in Indy, soaking wet, just getting back from trick-or-treating. All the candy was out on the table. Of course they were chowing down on their favorite pieces. They look pretty dry in this photo. They weren’t ecstatic about bundling up for the cool temps but it help them look bulked up. Got to look good if you’re a super hero.

This is a pretty chilly Halloween evening. Right now it is probably 30° outside. We got a little snow this afternoon. Nothing stuck to the ground. I suppose though the hunters will like this, since it will provide them with some deer movement. (I’m editing this around 930pm…snow is sticking to the ground)
I am sitting at the Miller’s house in Milford. Everyone went trick-or-treating in Milford for a while. The rain has stopped for now.
I am sort of experimenting at blogging through voice recognition. It seems to work pretty good. You can do it hands free. It’s sort of like recording a voice memo but you can continue on and on and on. The only drawback, concern is that you have to do it in a quiet room, else the phone picks up a lot of miscellaneous voices. I’ve noticed where the VR will start throwing in extra words that you never said. I suppose the only real drawback is that I am doing this on an iPhone and you can’t see the total article all at one time. That makes it tough for editing and correcting the thought process of what you said or what you thought. Well everybody’s home and I’ll be noisy so I’ll sign off for now.

So now everyone is home. Everyone has candy. I’m done revising & will let this be published as is.