New Title ….New Outlook

I retired in 2008. I stopped looking for work in 2009. I became a stay at home Dad to our 12 year old daughter. My wife went back to work full time to build up her retirement pension. Now she is getting ready to retire too. It has really taken me six years to grasp the title of this blog. I have plenty of work to get done around our home. I have a list of chores I created myself. Whats great about retirement is that I get to prioritize everything. Those jobs that don’t get done…there’s always tomorrow.

Today I finished one of the 3 flower beds that needed to be completely overhauled. The only thing I saved was some peony bulbs. The other two are some where in process. I have three more that just need to be weeded and have the flowers removed. My wife want to save some of the seeds. Might rotor-till the bigger one. It late October, we have some cool weather coming over the weekend. I thought I better get the peonies back in the ground.

I do not have any type of greenhouse. So I am wondering what I should do with some apple trees I started last fall from seed. Also, I have black locus trees I started from seed. Those are things to worry about later.