A New Month … Day One

So I have joined a group that has as an aim to blog every day for the Month of November. I have a somewhat busy day & am just getting to write for today. I have decided just to list the goals or projects I am looking to complete. I heard on a podcast that I listen to “The Motley Fool” to use index cards to list what needs to be done. I don’t know if that is a great idea or not. Sometimes I can just ignore the cards.

Here is my current list. As I complete them I just line them through & add a completion date.

  1. Test the house generator
  2. Fix the leaking gutter
  3. Clean & seal the desk
  4. Cover the Madonna statue
  5. Install the fencing under the deck
  6. Install an electrical outlet on the deck
  7. Install an electrical outlet on the south side of the garage
  8. Clean the flower beds:
    1. Back yard
    2. Deck
    3. Front West
    4. Front East
  9. Rebalance retirement portfolio
  10. VA Health benefits research
  11. Fix Mike’s Information
  12. Paint the basement
  13. Clean up the old desktop PC

Added on 11/3

  1. Set Mouse Traps
  2. Clean Up Pine needles