Nature Hidden Pathways

I thought about this for quite a while. Then this morning I knew. To the untrained eye this appears to be a jumbled mess. Yet I’ve seen a 250 lbs beast slip through this path and his 8 point rack didn’t make a sound. I was reading the directions on my camera & found I could shot in Sepia, B&W, as well as colors. Also, I could change the f stop & the (digital) film speed. I decided to take multiple shots of various settings, in all 3 film types. I found I was forced to adjust the f stop & film speed else i got a lot of wash out with too much light. Amazing for as dim a day as it was.

I select the Sepia shot of a White Tail Deer run. The contrast of the various branches were accented the best. I love the way the grape vines drop through the scene & the Russian Olive branches obliterate the back ground. In the fore ground, in white, are some dead berry type plant, grown for droppings of the wild birds. My focal point, where the top of the bottom 3rd & the left side of the right 3rd intersect, a black object, is where the deer stand in patience, waiting till dark before traipsing across my yard to eat the summer flowers & Hostas linger, waiting to be cleaned up prior to the winter.

So with these setting of

f stop of 16

ISO set at 3200

Sepia film setting

I present you the Deer Run

2014-11-12 14.27.35