After reading & studying both of photographer Wenjie Zhang’s The Fundamental of Light & The Quality of Light, I went out to capture some warmth.  I finally choose this photo of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

F13 / Exposure 1/500 / ISO 800
F13 / Exposure 1/500 / ISO 800

I wish I had been able to lower the ISO & increase the exposure; I think it might have soften it more. I wanted the background to “fuzz out’. The flow of the veil, the placement to the side, & the lack of a horizon, I thought helped concentrate on the statue.

I must have done 100 shots, adjusting the “holy trinity” of setting. At 32F degrees. You start to lose track & miss taking notes. I found all the notes I needed is under the properties window, “DETAILS” tab but I still loss track and missed taking some settings. Those photographers, who grew up and become great in the days of film, have all my respect. With today’s electronics I was able to change film at the drop of a hat. Also, I had instant feed back on the exposure whitewashing.