White on White on White with a burst of Red & Black!

I waited for the last opportunity to grab the sun reflection off some storm clouds that were rolling in. We’ve been forecasted to get a winter snow storm over night. I think the weathermen love this ambiguity. Maybe a foot or maybe nothing. Cold air for sure. I wish I could’ve been that uncertain about work.


My first shot just caught the sun. The second shot I adjust the Exposure Bias from a -1 to 0. The tree branches seem to catch fire from the sun’s reflection off DSCN1421the clouds.  The orange blaze exploded through the branches. From there I went out further in the field to capture some more skyline.
DSCN1428You can see I have lost all the sun & I just capture the coming snow squall. It’s about 5:07PM, maybe 3 minutes till sun set. Yet even though it dark the sky seems to shout, “It is winter!!”




I still want to capture some contrasting color.


In my kitchen I caught sight of this cutting board.Now if I could only adjust the setting to fix the short focal point.


DSCN1439Bam! There goes the bag of rice for dinner. Now I’ve got the mess of color I wanted. White on White on White with a burst of Red & Black!