“From geometric patterns on skyscrapers to the ironwork on historical buildings, there are many opportunities to capture the beauty and complexity of architecture.” – Photography 101

Living out in the country, there are few skyscrapers, ironworks, or sculptures to seek out. Or are there? I found a 35-year-old structure designed & built by the oldest architect & artist, that ever existed. Older than time & will be forever.

My younger sister planted this from seed in the mid 1970’s. She passed in 1994 from cancer. I am one of the few who have a living memory of her. Every time I go outside I get to think of her.

DSCN1457As for the rule of thirds, this photo fits it too. The mass of the trunk starts in the lower right 3rd, while the upper left third goes blank. There are many natural S curves throughout the photo.DSCN1464Nothing seems to sit still.

When I compare the B&W to a color shot, although the reds & greens start to accent the bark, I like the B&W for the detail it seems to show.

As for the camera. Nikon has made it very hard to make adjustments to the settings. The f stop is always on auto. You can modify one thing but another is set to try to auto compensate. The problems are if you change the ISO from 80 to 1600, the camera will auto change something else to try to give you a “Great Picture.”  You can change light exposure compensation. I find it impossible to control depth of field. I’ll continue to read the manual to see what I am missing. I do like the zoom control – 26x; you just need a tripod or a wall to steady your camera.

Yet all that said my wife loves it because when the batteries are fully charged and everything else on “easy AUTO”, then it is a great point & shoot camera.