Ducks on the river,

ducks on the riverThe funny thing is they kept jumping up and settling a little further up river every couple of seconds.  I flushed them from the roadside when I pulled up. They were 50 yards away in this shot. This photo is pretty grainy. It’s from my iPhone. I used the telephoto on it. Then I cropped it in Google’s Pixlr Editor. I would like to start personalizing more of my photos.

Weather is changing the birds habits. As I was driving around I saw flocks of cranes that have refused to migrate. I wonder if they are tell me it’s worse down south. I couldn’t quick snap a photo cause I was driving. I saw where they landed but it was out in the back of a farm field. By the time I locate the farmer, tick off some deer hunter, the cranes probably would have taken off again.

Well I waited till this evening to publish this post. I thought I might catch a better grouping.