This is Where I leave you – Movie Review

This Is Where I Leave You (2014) Poster

The theme is destructive to the family model. Everybody is out for themselves. This movie and the characters attack the family at every turn. There no need for the family structure. There is no thought of fidelity to anyone. The movie makes fun of the Jewish tradition of “Shiva“. Trying to use that to reunite the family that had been destroyed long ago.

The mother figure starts out desecrating the body of her deceased husband, yanking out a feeding tube while the body flops around in the background. Very shallow, done for the laugh track I suppose. Her excuse is that “…Now he looks better.” She then creates a “last request” of the husband for the family to sit Shiva. The family claims to never had practiced their religion so why this?

Each of the siblings 1 daughter & 3 sons, drag all sorts of baggage into the week that follows. None of them have a solid marriage or know how to build a relationship.

SPOILER ALERT!!!! The two mothers getting it together in the end is even worse. Procreation is slammed as something needed to have a successful marriage….wrong! Jason’s character was shown how shallow he was when he never realized his wife was having an affair.