I am retired.
I left EDS/HP in 2007 after 23 years.
I started my career as a Telephone repair guy Michigan Bell Telephone.
Enlisted/got drafted into the US Army.
Studied accounting. Ended up doing Project Management.
I liked trying to organize things, even if they all don’t fit into a box.
I am “on the road” to know who I am.

I like music
I play a harmonica
I never moved on

I like to read
I would like to write
I am afraid at being laughed at

I wish I have studied something different from accounting
I wish I had been braver during Viet Nam time
I enlisted in the Army but never left Ft Gordon, Georgia

I’ve met many guys who’ve lost something
I know those who have to keep a light on
I don’t know anyone who died in the war
My wife says I have too many regrets

Where am I?
I have 4 children
I have 2 grandson
I have a great lover, my wife
I have 13 siblings, I don’t really know them

One thought on “About”

  1. Wow, we have quite a bit in common. I am also an accountant/financial systems geek. I love music and reading, and I also have 4 kids and two grandkids! Good luck and happy blogging!


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