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From Writing 201: Poetry in February 2015

Pitter Patter Pitter Splat Splat

Yesterday, the beginning of March. Temperature have already begun to moderate. Wait, look the sun is actually melting the snow. I could see 12 inches of the wooden deck, where just last week there was 20 by 20 covered in a foot of snow. Even the birds and gray squirrels had scrape down to the ground to gather their treats of seeds and kernels that have fallen from the feeder strung from the branches above. I saw black splotches of pavement showing up where I know I have a driveway buried but unusable for the foot of snow.

Pitter, patter, pitter, splat, splat, whosshhh.
Its nine am what is that sound?

Last night, when going to sleep, the gibbous moon was nearly full. The dark shadows of the bare silver maple trees were brightly light across my back yard. A coyote’s howl gave away its hiding in the black shadow of the nicely trimmed blue spruce. Spring, Spring is coming in less than 20 days. Winter haven’t you tormented us enough. I have an ice dam at the end of the road I can barely climb over with my car.

Pitter, patter, pitter, splat, splat, whosshhh.
Its nine am who is that, attacking this home?

I should have known. It is March coming to town. Roaring in from the Northwest, whipping up rain from the South. It’s the dreaded sleet covering the ground. In the early hours before dawn, 3 inches of recoated the summer deck. Now even the dog can walk across the frozen sheets of icy sleet. Yet the birds & squirrels have lost their treats, hidden under the icy sheets.

Tomorrow! Next week? When will the Spring’s warmth come to tame the Lion? Who will see the morphing to a sheep? Soon, very soon the ground will again be green.