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Review of “The Crossing”

The CrossingThe Crossing by Taylor Joseph

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This was a quick read, two hundred pages. It is easily read by 6th grade or higher. The author was able to make the wording sound as if you were listening to a person whose English was not her native tongue. I like this because it made the situation in the story more believable. We have a signed copy that my son purchased from the author.
I wanted to read this book to gain the insight of a youth who crossed the Mexican border to gain access to the United States.It is devoid of any political agenda but the main character does admit her family is committing a crime with their illegal entry into the US.
The story describes the poverty and crime in rural Mexico. As she moves from the improvised beginnings, to larger Mexican cities, the poverty & crimes escalate. She always believes that life would be so much better “across the Border.” You knew by the title she would sooner or later make “The Crossing.”
The majority of this book deals with the problems on the Mexican side of the border. The last two chapters, 20 pages out of 200, is a quick summary of life here in the US. I am sure that if given the time to write another story, the author could show how the poverty and crime from rural Mexico also exist here in the US.
We will never wipe out the problems. They are documented in the Bible. They exist today. Immigration is an issue in the US, as well as through out the world. I live near the US/Canadian border. I cross over relatively freely. In my teens, we could go to Windsor without any issue. In my early twenties, US draft dodgers went freely to Canada during the Vietnam War. They were all given an opportunity to be pardoned afterwards. The Southern Border of the US is always been an issues. Why is that. Is it because they are so poor and have nothing to offer us except cheap labor? I am sure that there are geniuses and entrepreneurs in Mexico. Is it a carry over from the Spanish-American Wars? Is it fear that they will take Texas to California back? I wonder how many centuries will pass with immigration issue unresolved?

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