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A Catholic Education today?

This was a reply to a broadcasted email on the greatness of the catholic school education system. I think the Catholic school model has been lost and now it is a model of supply based economics. It will never be what it was in the 40’s and 50’s. It was eroding and falling by the wayside in the 1960’s. By the mid to late 70’s a new goal was created to preserve the “Catholic School System”. Its motto was not to teach about Jesus but to provide a degree to get you into college above those students who were relegated to the public school system. It was not “God centered” but a “Entitlement” driven.

I find it difficult to support your education system. When I went to Catholic schools in Detroit, Our Lady of Good Counsel  & St Cyril and Methodius High School from 1955 to 1968, it was because I wanted to learn about my faith, to be a Catholic. These were schools built, developed, and support by a local parish community. There was community life in the school. The parents were always involved in the student activity. We didn’t have students there because they were running away from public schools, nor did we have non-Catholics. They have no desire to learn about Jesus but want the name recognition for colleges acceptance. Both of these groups have driven the cost of education beyond the means of the majority of Catholic parents.  $5,000 to $10,000 per year for a grade school diploma or high school diploma is outrageous. Your cost has been driven not because you are teaching the students about Jesus and Catholicism but because you have a limited number of seats and non-Catholics are competing for those seats. You do not make this education system available for the students that are the community but for those that can afford it. If you had Christ in mind your doors would be open to every inner-city child at no cost. The Archdiocese of Detroit  takes are funds and gives it to your schools, whether we want it to go to you or not (via CSA & Changing Lives Together programs). What do you give back?

If you were successful in your goal, “…They do so because an education that puts God in its center is as it should be, is a priority…” our Churches would be packed every weekend not just on Christmas and Easter.It has become more and more incumbent of the parents to be excellent role models and put out as Christ would. Even then we do not always succeed.