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those were the best Haircut

The Buzz Monster

So after 60 years I have had my share of haircuts. I would have to think that some of those from the Detroit Barber College were the worst. However I can't find a picture from those days. I am looking though.

The barber college was a place where young men went to learn to be barbers. Not sure what the course consisted of for text books. Was the final exam a day in the "shop" without being chased by an irate customer.

What I remember was that Dad would give me $0.50 but we found this place that only cost a quarter…"two bits". There were at least 50 chairs & never a wait. You were in & out in 15 minutes. Almost as good as my 1st haircut when I went into the Army in 1970. I remember that Sargent saying how do you want it cut … and then laughing as he cut everything off. Oh those were the days.

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